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About Us

Kargo Xpress started operations from its newly established home base at KLIA airport with a handful 737 freighters. Kargo Xpress is a launch customer for the technologically advanced 737-4F.

As an undisputed leader in air cargo, Kargo Xpress offers an extensive product range, covering everything from every-day cargo to shipments that require attention to detail, special treatment and expert handling.

Kargo Xpress high-quality scheduled and charter air freight services across the globe use an all-747 freighter fleet and a solid network of trucking contractors to move valuable and time-sensitive commodities on its network, many destinations. The Boeing 747 was designed as a freighter from the get-go. Flexibility in loading and operational efficiency are its key components. With a large side-cargo door and a unique nose door, Kargo Xpress freighters can be loaded quickly and easily and accommodate heavy, outsized loads as well as temperature-sensitive freight that requires special care and sensitive treatment.

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